Today’s Problem: Cylinder Volume

Take a piece of letter-sized paper and tape the short ends to make a tube. Label this tube A.

Take another piece of letter-sized paper and tape the long ends to make another tube. Label this tube B.

Place each tube on a flat surface, so that they stand up on end.

Using the formula for the volume of a cylinder, find out which tube will hold more stuff (like popcorn or candy)?

Letter-sized paper is 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches tall.
To find the radius of each tube, use the circumference formula, C = 2πr

Today’s problem: Simpsons Math

On an episode of The Simpsons, another boy trades 1000 picoliters of his milk for 4 gills of Bart’s milk.

Use this Volume Convertor to see why this was a bad trade for Bart.

1000 picoliters = 0.001 microliters
Convert 4 gills into microliters.

Today’s Problem: Drink It Up

A glass of water with a single ice cube sits on a table. When the ice has completely melted, will the level of the water have increased, decreased or remain unchanged?