Today’s Problem: An Entertaining Problem

The Garcia family is trying to decide between installing cable TV or purchasing a DVD player and renting movies. The Garcias need to compare the cost of each option over several months in order to make an appropriate decision.

Cable TV has a one-time installation charge of $54 and a monthly charge of $48
A DVD player costs $119 and the Garcias will spend $36 per month in DVD rentals

Which plan is better (less expensive) for the Garcia family?

Today’s problem: Big Pig

Shannon’s dad gave her a penny today to put in her new piggy bank. Tomorrow he will give another penny to make 2 pennies, and the next day he gives her 2 pennies to make 4 pennies. Each day he doubles the number of pennies from the day before.

After 16 days, Shannon’s bank is full.

On what day was Shannon’s bank half-full?

Piggy Bank