Today’s Problem: Birthday Pie

Sharon received $40 from her grandparents for her birthday. She decides to spend her money at the zoo and save what is left over. Admission to the zoo is $10 and she buys some ice cream for $4 and a t-shirt for $8. Make a pie chart with 4 categories: Admission, Ice Cream, T-shirt, and Savings. What are the angle measurements of each piece?pie

Today’s Problem: An Entertaining Problem

The Garcia family is trying to decide between installing cable TV or purchasing a DVD player and renting movies. The Garcias need to compare the cost of each option over several months in order to make an appropriate decision.

Cable TV has a one-time installation charge of $54 and a monthly charge of $48
A DVD player costs $119 and the Garcias will spend $36 per month in DVD rentals

Which plan is better (less expensive) for the Garcia family?