Explaining The Seasons

Did you know? The eyes have it

Did you know?

  • An ostrich’s eye is larger than its brain.
  • A goat’s pupil is rectangular.
  • A chameleon can move each eye independently.

Today’s Problem: Birthday Pie

Sharon received $40 from her grandparents for her birthday. She decides to spend her money at the zoo and save what is left over. Admission to the zoo is $10 and she buys some ice cream for $4 and a t-shirt for $8. Make a pie chart with 4 categories: Admission, Ice Cream, T-shirt, and Savings. What are the angle measurements of each piece?pie

Did you know?

Did you know?

  • The planet Venus has a longer day than year. Venus rotates around its axis in 243 Earth days, but it takes only 226 Earth days to orbit the sun.
  • The Goliath beetle, one of the largest insects in the world, can weigh 90 grams. This is the same weight as a Frisbee.
  • Black Ironwood is a common tree that grows in southern Florida. Wood from the tree is so dense that it sinks in water.

Today’s Problem: Go Team(s)

How many games must be scheduled in a league with 8 teams, if each team plays each other team exactly once?

Today’s Problem – Got a Match?

Match the scientist with what she studies

1. Ichthyologist A. Algae
2. Pedologist B. Classification of Living Things
3. Petrologist C. Fish
4. Phycologist D. Rocks
5. Taxonomist E. Soil

Today’s Problem: Sign Symmetry

Identify the lines of symmetry, if any, of each of the signs below.