Today’s Problem: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

gumpspagodamirrorIf you saw your mirror image holding a letter ‘d’ in your left hand, what would you, in actuality, be doing?

Today’s Problem: Chair Apparent

stevelambert_modern_chair_3_4_angle1Mrs. Riser wants to  place 10 chairs along the walls in a rectangular gymnasium so that there are an equal number of chairs along each wall. How can it be done?

Today’s Problem: Hands Off

Brian spilled molten metal on his bare hand but did not get injured. How is this possible?


Today’s Problem: Mean Weather

The high and low temperatures for last week at Springfield Middle School are displayed in the table below.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
High Temperature 3° C 1° C -2° C -2° C -5° C
Low Temperature -6° C -6° C -6° C -12° C -10° C

What was the mean high and the mean low temperature for last week?

Today’s Problem: In a Pickle

Which will roll down an incline faster, a full pickle jar or an empty one? Which will roll farther from the bottom of the incline?

Today’s Problem: Crazy Eights

If you count from one to 100, how many 8’s will you pass?