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Today’s Problem: Earth to George

Materials needed: a U.S. quarter, a 15 millimeter square of paper

Can you drop both the quarter and the square of paper from the same height and at the same time, so that they reach the ground at the same time?


Today’s Problem: Candy Costs

Kimo, Lena, and Alfons go to the candy store after school.

Kimo buys 10 Fireballs, 8 Bazookas, and 2 Root Beer Barrels for $1.34

Lena buys 5 Fireballs, 6 Bazookas, and 8 Root Beer Barrels for $1.26

Alfons buys 6 Fireballs and 6 Root Beer Barrels for 90ยข

How much does the store charge for each piece?

Today’s Problem: News Bulletin

Which is easier to push into a bulletin board, a thumbtack or a paper clip like the one in the picture?paper-clip

Today’s Problem: An Entertaining Problem

The Garcia family is trying to decide between installing cable TV or purchasing a DVD player and renting movies. The Garcias need to compare the cost of each option over several months in order to make an appropriate decision.

Cable TV has a one-time installation charge of $54 and a monthly charge of $48
A DVD player costs $119 and the Garcias will spend $36 per month in DVD rentals

Which plan is better (less expensive) for the Garcia family?